Under Mahama honesty is on a long holiday

I was at Cape Coast honouring the memory of Mr. Ben Koufie, a former player of the Gold Coast Eleven, the Ghana national team, and a shining light for Vipers of Cape Coast, who rose to become one of the finest technical brains in Africa.

Many people may not know this, but under Mr. Koufie’s leadership, I nearly became the General Secretary of the Ghana Football Association. I only withdrew from the race at the last minute to take up an appointment as Editor of the Public Agenda.

I have the hunch that appealing for votes on the basis of the home region of the wife, tells everything about how desperate the leader of society is at the moment. I bet, if this tribal sentiment had been expressed from the other half of the political divide, people would have queued to dismiss the harbinger of this information as not fit for leadership. But then, this is Ghana.

I bet if New Patriotic Party sympathisers had carried a coffin to its function, declaring it as the burial of President Mahama, the Peace Council, led by the former head of the Methodist Church, would have issued a statement by now, condemning it as an act of aggression. It looks like everything is normal, once the offensive is pursued by the NDC. But, once the act comes from the opposition, it is interpreted as the beating of war drums.

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