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Rebecca (1938) - Daphne du Maurier

Written by
Read by Anna Massey
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 64 Kbps

Publisher: BBC America/Hachette Audio
Release date: October 6, 2014
Duration: 14:48:15

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…….

Words spoken by the unnamed young woman as she begins her tale of mystery, deception and…murder?

The novel begins in Monte Carlo, where our heroine, who is in her early 20’s, is swept off her feet by the dashing 42-year-old widower Maxim de Winter and his sudden proposal of marriage. Orphaned and working as a lady’s maid, she can barely believe her luck. It is only when they arrive at his massive country estate that she realizes how large a shadow his late wife will cast over their lives—presenting her with a lingering evil that threatens to destroy their marriage from beyond the grave.

The real mistress of the household is Mrs. Danvers, the housekeeper, who was profoundly devoted to the first Mrs. de Winter, Rebecca, who died in a boating accident about a year before Maxim and the second Mrs. de Winter met. She continually attempts to undermine the new Mrs. de Winter psychologically, implying that the new Mrs. de Winter lacks the experience and knowledge necessary for running an important estate. Cowed by Mrs. Danvers’ imposing manner, and the other members of West Country society’s unwavering reverence for Rebecca, the new mistress becomes isolated.

Always in the background is Rebecca…..

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This is a Multifile Torrent
Chapter - 001 Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.mp3 4.57 MBs
Chapter - 002 We can never go back again.mp3 8.08 MBs
Chapter - 003 I wonder what my life would be today.mp3 9.66 MBs
Chapter - 004 The morning after the bridge party.mp3 14.76 MBs
Chapter - 005 I am glad it cannot happen twice.mp3 11.89 MBs
Chapter - 006 Packing up.mp3 18.89 MBs
Chapter - 007 We came to Manderley in early May.mp3 19.68 MBs
Chapter - 008 I had never realised.mp3 10.47 MBs
Chapter - 009 When I heard the sound of the car.mp3 17.76 MBs
Chapter - 010 We watched the car disappear.mp3 14.3 MBs
Chapter - 011 The weather was wet and cold.mp3 17.62 MBs
Chapter - 012 I did not see much of Mrs Danvers.mp3 14.73 MBs
Chapter - 013 Maxim had to go up to London.mp3 15.79 MBs
Chapter - 014 I found myself in the corridor.mp3 11.43 MBs
Chapter - 015 Maxim rang up the next morning.mp3 16.54 MBs
Chapter - 016 It was one Sunday, I remember.mp3 26.13 MBs
Chapter - 017 Clarice was waiting for me.mp3 16.16 MBs
Chapter - 018 I think I fell asleep a litter after seven.mp3 19 MBs
Chapter - 019 It was Maxim.mp3 19.1 MBs
Chapter - 020 It was very quiet in the library.mp3 19.16 MBs
Chapter - 021 Maxim went into the little room.mp3 15.61 MBs
Chapter - 022 That evening, when Frith brought in.mp3 12.12 MBs
Chapter - 023 I was sitting in the little room again.mp3 20.31 MBs
Chapter - 024 Thank God for Favell’s laugh.mp3 16.64 MBs
Chapter - 025 It was then that Maxim looked at me.mp3 8.93 MBs
Chapter - 026 When I awoke the next morning.mp3 14.15 MBs
Chapter - 027 We went and stood by the car.mp3 13.55 MBs
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