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Mother Daughter Sex Advice (corrected) - Susie Bright, Aretha Bright

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Read by Susie Bright, Aretha Bright
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Welcome to the “girl-talk” you thought you’d never hear in public! Susie (52) and Aretha Bright (19) are a mother/daughter team of columnists from, whose readers flooded them with explicit dilemmas about sexual pleasures and disasters, body issues, dating, relationships, and young marriage. Chapters include:

“Dumped After 4 Years… and Still a Virgin!”
“Will I Ever Get Used To Anal Sex?”
“I Have A Tendency To Throw Up Every Time My Boyfriend Comes In My Mouth”
“The Boy Who Didn’t Like Doggie”
“How Can I Get My Girlfriend to Shave Her Pubic Hair?”
“I’m A Girl Who Comes Too Fast”
Is a mother and daughter sex advice column going to be an unending nightmare of T.M.I.? Can family members really talk about this stuff? Susie and Aretha had to open the envelope to find out. Each took turns with the same questions, and that’s when the eye-opening arguments began. Mother/Daughter Sex Advice offers hilarious, thoughtful, and genuine insight from two generations who respect each other’s opinion “most of the time”.

If you want cutting-edge sex advice that goes beyond pregnancy-and-disease-control - if you’re ready to hear family conversations about sex that are real and refreshing (if not always agreeable!) - if you’re primed to move beyond Our Bodies Ourselves, this is the book for you.

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